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Creating Clarity, Trust and Reliable Behaviors. DOG TRAINING in Erie, CO

BOARD AND TRAIN PROGRAM (ages 7 months and up)


$3,800 for Advanced Obedience and Off Leash Remote E-Collar Training. 

3 week overnight Board and Train program. includes private appointments to train the humans, too.

We specialize in board and trains and this is our most popular results-driven program! Let us set you up for success by laying a solid foundation for you to maintain.  We will teach your dog essential life skills and advanced obedience commands both on and off leash. More importantly, we will help your dog achieve a balanced mindset and teach them what state of mind they should be in for different activities. For example, we can have an excited mind when running for recall, but we don't want excitement when greeting strangers in public. We like to teach dogs many default behaviors and permission based behaviors so they're not relying on constant prompts or management from people. Not only will they know HOW to perform commands, but they will also know WHEN to offer the behaviors. Your dog will stay in my home for 3 weeks, and we'll be out training on leash in town and  adventuring off leash on the trails.  You will learn the nuances of canine communication, how to support your dog with proper leadership and care and how to fulfill your dog's needs for exercise, structure and daily mental stimulation.  The humans will receive about 10 hours of private training before the dog comes back home. This is an essential part of our success. 

This program includes a $200 remote ecollar from Ecollar Technologies (typically the ET-300 series Mini Educator) ,  Complete Raw Food Diet, Place bed, prong collar, leash, and 10+ hours of human training

Remote  E- collar training is only offered in board and train. 

The focus of this course is: 

  • Balanced mindset 
  • Permission to exit thresholds (car, home, crate)
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Come
  • Place (settle on command, mindset work)
  • Heel
  • Proper socialization
  • Confidence building
  • Improve focus and engagement around distractions and competing reinforcers
  • Resolve any problem behaviors that come up- such as resource guarding, hyperactivity, handling issues, nail trims, anxiety, reactivity, fear, counter surfing, etc
  • Your dog will learn several different communication languages such as verbal commands, hand signals, cues from the leash, spatial pressure, and e-collar communication. 

  • How to maintain training
  • How to create trust with clear communication, structure and consistency
  • How to reinforce desired behaviors
  • How to address unwanted behaviors
  • Understand what your dog is communicating
  • How to communicate with your dog with body language and intent
  • How to guide and support your dog with proper Leadership
  • How to fulfill your dog's fundamental needs of physical exercise, daily structure, social interactions and mental stimulation 
  • When and how to share affection
  • How to keep your dog neutral in public
  • How to be consistent and always follow through
  • Build a better bond with your dog



$1,150 - 5 Days of Puppy School and 1 Private appointment in your home.

 (Puppy School is at Erie Dog Co LLC- drop off is at 9:30 and pick up at 2:00, we may be able to accommodate alternate pick up times upon request)

Puppies are extremely impressionable in the first few months of their lives. The experiences that they have--good, bad and neutral, will set the tone for how they respond to stimuli for their entire life. Its important to take advantage of creating intentional and safe introductions to many different stimuli to create a confident and stable dog. Training occurs at Erie Dog Co, LLC

The focus of this course is:

  • Intentional positive exposure to a variety of sounds, surfaces, people and environments
  • Imprinting for handling , including grooming, nail trim and bath
  • Positive crate games
  • Potty training
  • Name recognition
  • Proper socialization 
  • Confidence building
  • Introduction to Come, Sit, Down, Place, Leave it
  • Introduction to permission based activities including the front door boundary 
  • Yield to leash tension
  • Follow hand lures
  • Address puppy behaviors, such as jumping, biting, mouthing, whining, digging, barking
  • Separation anxiety avoidance
  • Humans will learn- How to guide your puppy with proper leadership and care, Understand how to read your dog's body language so you can be their protector and set them up for success, How to fulfill your puppy's needs for exercise, structure and mental stimulation, How to reinforce desired behaviors and address undesirable behaviors.



$60/hour (voice or video chat)

Don't let our distance keep you from getting the help you need. We'll assess your situation, outline a detailed resolution and coach you on how to implement the strategies into your relationship and routine.