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Assisting in the process of selecting your next dog

$200 for 2 hour consultation and outline of matched breeds.

$100/hour to join you at local shelters or rescues and provide temperament tests.

The most common reason that people become frustrated with their dog is because their energy doesn't match their dog's. More specifically because the dog's daily requirement for leadership and mental and physical stimulation far exceeds what the human provides. If your dog's needs are not being met, it will be challenging to create a calm, reliable. balanced dog. 

There are hundreds of breeds with varying characteristic traits and not every dog is a good fit for every owner. And likewise, the dog that was ideal for you in college may be very different than what's ideal for a busy working professional with kids to tend to.

For example, a first time dog owner that is a busy single mom will likely feel overwhelmed quickly with the needs of a husky puppy.  

A person that struggles with anxiety and wants a dog to provide comfort to them should not get a shepherd or herding breed. Why? Where there is no physical threat present that the dog can see, they don’t understand their person’s sudden panicked emotions that are caused by an invisible thought. Intrinsically, dogs do not trust what they don’t understand. Dogs will never follow what they do not trust. Herding breeds tend to become reactive, protective and unstable if they do not have an emotionally stable human. This is why there's such a high wash rate for self trained psychiatric service dogs that are shepherds and herding dogs.
Whether we decide on a purebred or mutt, from a breeder, breed specific rescue group, or a local shelter or rescue group, I'd love to help make a match! I'm happy to go to a shelter with you and do temperament tests on the dogs, too. I used to do this biweekly when I selected service dogs from local shelters when I worked at  International Hearing Dog, Inc.